Visit to SK Dato Keramat 2

For this sem, my classmates and I still have to do the BIG aka Bina Insan Guru and we decided to meet a teacher which is considered as Guru Cemerlang for BM at this school named Mdm Ros

It was fun as I enjoyed myself being there *escaping from the class is always fun* as the teacher was cool and she gave us the tips and some motivation to become a good teacher. She has been a teacher for 15 years and she really loves her job very much. 

One good thing that I learnt from her is she told us to be kind to the people but still you have to be firm. Some seniors teachers always tell us to become 'garang' or showing your firm look the very first time you enter the class so that the kids will afraid at you and keep quiet all the time you enter the class. But, for Mdm Ros, this theory is totally WRONG as this will make some pupils become more aggressive to become naughty because we didnt showing the 'kindness' to them. I myself dont like a grumpy and strict teacher. 

From this visit, I learnt that to make pupils learn especially the weak one, we need to show the element of love for them to trust us, their teacher that we are going to help them to become a successful person or to gain something. It is not an easy job to teach without the passion in ourselves. 

thats all for today. Thank you for reading ❤

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